Something for everyone. If our amazing selection of Nail Treatments doesn't tickle your toes then we don't know what will! 


Buy a course of 9 treatments and receive your 10th one on us! Purchasing a bundle also entitles you to complimentary soak off's (usually £5).



We keep on top of the nail trends here at The Beauty Bar, so for every new season, you'll find 10 new nail designs on our nail menu to try. If you have a special event or are in need of some advice, why not book in for a complimentary 5 minute consultation?



Using CND's Shellac & Blue Sky Neons - a mirror shine, instantly dry and lasts up to 3 weeks!

Gel Mani or Pedi


Spa Gel Mani or Pedi



Using the orginal and best coloured gels, Biosculptue is a premium nail gel and is perfect for weaker nails and lasts up to 3 weeks. 

Bio Gel Overlay Mani or Pedi

Shape. Buff. Cuticles. Gel Application. Cuticle Oil.



UsinG We change our mani products due to the season: warming, sweet scented almond manicures in the autum to fresh citrus manicures in the summer. Choose from CND's, Vinylux & O.P.I and Ciate nail polishes. 

Stark Naked

Shape.Nail Buff.Shine.


Shape & Polish

Shape. Buff. Polish. Cuticle Oil



Shape. Nail Buff. Cuticles. Polish. Moisturise. Cuticle Oil.


Tip Top Mani

Shape. Nail Buff. Cuticles. Moisturise. Massage. Polish. Cuticle Oil.


Spa Mani

Shape. Nail Buff. Soak. Exfoliate. Cuticles. Massage. Moisturise. Polish. Cuticle Oil. An additional £5 for mask



We change our pedi products due to the season: Nurturing rose in the autumn to fresh lavender pedicures in the summer. Choose from CND's Vinylux, O.P.I and Ciaté nail polishes. 

Tootsie Tidy 

Shape/Clip. Nail Buff. Cuticles. Polish. Cuticle Oil. Cream.


Spa Pedi

Shape. Nail Buff. Soak. Exfoliate. Cuticles. Polish. Massage. Moisturise.


Luxury Lavender Pedi or Petal Pedi

The ultimate in luxury - enjoy this with lavender lemonade or a drink of your choice. 

Nail Buff. Soak. Exfoliate. Hard Skin Removal. Cuticles. Massage. Moisturise. Polish.




Mummy & Me

Treat your little lady and yourself to a manicure, including kids champagne or a sparkly hot choc.


In-A-Dash + Tootsie Tidy


Spa Mani and Pedi Combo


Gel Mani and Pedi Combo


Spa Gel Mani and Pedi Combo


Bio Gel Overlay Mani and Pedi Combo

Shape. Buff. Cuticles. Gel Application. Cuticle Oil. Cream



Stark Naked

Shape.Nail Buff.Shine.


Hunky Dory

Shape.Nail Buff.Matte Polish.


Top Notch

Shape. Cuticles. Nail Buff. Moisturise. Matte Polish.


Manly Ped

Shape/clip. Nail Buff. Scrub & Soak. Cuticles. Cuticle Oil. Cream. 



Rockstar Glitter Nails

Try different styles: Complete coverage. Ombré. Feature Nail. Fades.


Shimmer Nails

Additives to change the gels colour and effect, some have small glittery pieces, so pretty.


NEW Chrome Nails

100% REAL chrome with mirror like shine and 6 different colours.


NEW Rainbow Nails

100% REAL chrome with rainbow effect.



Stamp a design on your choice over your gel manicure! Lots of patterns to choose from. £5 


Custom Set

Customise your nails with a hand painted set of nails or use a variety of our nail art methods above and also include foils or crystals too.

From £1


We guarantee our gel nails for seven days after our application and offer a complimentary repair if you chip one, for a anything else after this date it's £5.



With nail tidy


With new set £5


Soak off Home kit